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We are E.J. and Martinique Watson, and have been involved with Giant Schnauzers since 2008. E.J. was involved with Dobermanns for a number of years before Giants, and Martinique was involved with Bullmastiffs for her entire life, growing up with her grandparents and their famous Starvalley kennel. E.J. operates a Backup Power and Sustainable Resources company, and Martinique is now a full time mom.

Our home is situated on a 5 acre property, in Marister, Gauteng. Along with the Giants, we also have a beautiful baby, Derek, who absolutely loves his Giants. Our home is a typical small holding, with horses, ducks, chickens and pigs, all of which help to socialise our dogs correctly.

Our dogs are part of the family, all of them sleep inside, and are treated like our children. We expect the same from all prospective puppy owners.






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