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Giant and Standard Seminar 2015

In August 2015, we had the pleasure of hosting Milan Dosen and Hrvoje Crnoja, from Serbia and Croatia respectively.

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We brought them to South Africa in order to give grooming training to Schnauzer owners and breeders, as well as to give a breed seminar on Standards and Giants to aspirant judges. We believe that it is our duty as breeders to educate the public and judges, even if it comes at great financial expense to ourselves.

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Milan is widely regarded as one of the top groomers in the world, and has owned and shown many World and European Winners. Milan also breeds under the Sebastian Hogar affix, and bred the mother of our Shaggy and Blue.

Hrvoje is the owner of Prima Fortis kennels in Croatia, and is the breeder of our Shaggy and Blue.

The seminar was well attended, by over 40 aspirant judges, as well as Standard and Giant breeders and owners. We hope to be able to bring Milan and Hrvoje over again in the future, but that is dependent on the economy.


After the grooming and Breed seminar, we showed Milan and Hrvoje as much as we could of our lovely country. Milan finally got to see a game reserve, and they got to experience Soweto. On their next trip, a road trip to Cape Town is on the cards.

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