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We are a dedicated Giant Schnauzer kennel, based on a smallholding in Marister, Gauteng, South Africa.

We are registered members of the Kennel Union of Southern Africa (KUSA), and only breed when we feel we can further improve Giants in South Africa. Having sourced top Giants from Europe and Russia, we are confident in our ability to produce show and sport dogs, who are first and foremost great family pets. We are fortunate to have formed many close friendships with top breeders and judges around the world, and are guided by them in our breeding program.

Giant Schnauzers have a harsh coat. which results in low shedding, and their formidable size and inherent guarding ability makes them ideal pets for the South African household. Giants make amazing family protectors, and are fantastic with children.

Visitors are welcome on weekends, to come and meet our dogs. We do not breed on a commercial scale, our dogs are our pets, and showing/breeding is a hobby. Please call or mail us to setup a time to see our dogs, we cannot assist you if you show up uninvited.

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We only breed KUSA registered Giant Schnauzers, which are sold strictly as pets.

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